Stormy Daniels to attend Michael Cohen's hearing Monday, attorney says

Credit: Yana Paskova

Credit: Yana Paskova

Stormy Daniels will appear at a court hearing in New York on Monday for Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, the adult film star’s attorney said Sunday.

Attorney Michael Avenatti said Daniels will not be offering testimony but will attend the hearing for Cohen's hearing, which is related to the FBI's raid last week of his office and home, The Hill reported.

“She’s going to attend at 2 o’clock on Monday,” attorney Michael Avenatti said on CNN’s “State of the Union” show Sunday morning. “I think Monday afternoon could prove to be very interesting.”

Host Jake Tapper seemed surprised by Avenatti’s statement and asked if Daniels’ appearance was “intended in any way to provoke (Cohen), to get into his head?”

“No, not at all,” Avenatti said. “It’s intended to send the message that this is a very, very serious matter for her.

“She also wants to ensure that she is heard and that she’s represented at the hearing."

Whether Daniels’ appearance is intended to rattle Cohen is open to conjecture, but Avenatti posted a tweet Sunday morning, referencing what he called one of my favorite movie scenes of all time -- a scene from the 1974 movie “The Godfather Part II.”

Cohen will be asked about his business practices, which have been under investigation by the FBI. is scheduled to appear before a U.S. district judge in New York to answer questions about his business practices, which have been under investigation by the FBI for months.

Lawyers for Cohen and Trump said the raids were inappropriate and a violation of attorney-client privilege.

Daniels is suing Cohen for defamation and said the nondisclosure agreement she agreed to is invalid because Trump never signed it.