Who’s voted, so far, in Georgia's June 2020 primary election

More than 1.2 million Georgians have already voted in the June 9 primary election for president, Congress and the General Assembly.

That number includes about 324,000 people, who have voted in-person at polling locations.

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After three weeks of early voting, election day will be June 9.

About 74,000 new voters have cast votes, accounting for about 6% of the early-voting pool.

Here's a look at how the voters have broken down through June 7, according to data from the Georgia secretary of state's office.

The electorate, so far, is more white than the state’s list of 7.2 million registered voters. Whites make up 63% of early voters and 53% of all registered voters. Blacks account for 27% of early voters and 30% of all registered voters.

Women are leading men in early voting. About 57% of voters are women.

Early votes have been cast in all of the state’s 159 counties. Most of those votes have been clustered in metro areas. Some counties may be lagging in reporting returned ballots.

Voting started to ramp up during the end of April. However the voting jumped even more in June. The heaviest day of voting was June 5 with about 106,000 ballots cast -- 29,000 more votes than the second-heaviest day, which was June 4.

Democrats have overtaken Republicans in total ballots. But it remains close with Democrats accounting for about 50% of the ballots and Republicans with 49%.

About 74% of early voters have chosen to use mail ballots, but about 326,000 people have gone to the polls.

Voters 65 and older make up about 45% of the early electorate so far.