Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., center, speaks about the GOP tax bill, Tuesday. (AP Photo / Alex Brandon)
Photo: Kyle Wingfield/Kyle Wingfield
Photo: Kyle Wingfield/Kyle Wingfield

The right says Democrats are not even trying to appeal to the center

A roundup of editorial on the right. 

1. The Democrats’ Radical Turn

From National Review: “Trump’s reelection campaign may well center on positioning him as reasonable and moderate. The Democrats appear intent on helping him do that.”

2. ‘Net neutrality’ is dead; long live the Internet

From Washington Examiner: “the changes are likely to be positive, and to come in the form of greater innovation, premium service for those who want or need it, and an ordinary trajectory of steady Internet improvement for everyone else.”

3. Watch What You Say. Someone Else Is.

From The Weekly Standard: “One could spend a few entertaining hours listing the beloved celebrities who would be shunned by polite society—here meaning polite Hollywood society and polite leftish society more generally—if they were trying to get started today.”

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