Rev. Creflo Dollar prays for ‘righteous leaders’ in Georgia House

The Rev. Creflo Dollar, prosperity preacher at World Changers Church International in College Park, asked God to bless Georgia and its leaders Thursday as he served as pastor of the day in the state House.

“My prayer is (the state’s leaders) have wisdom, they have protection and they have a heart that yields to God and his ways,” Dollar said. “I thank you for a strong economy in this state and for job markets and that the spirit of racism will not raise its ugly head in our state.”

It was a Dollar day at the Capitol. While Creflo Dollar preached and prayed in the House, his wife, Taffi, served as pastor of the day in the Senate.

It is auspicious time for Creflo Dollar to appear at the Capitol, as the Senate is considering a resolution to rename part of Old National Highway in South Fulton County after him. Senate Resolution 805, by Sen. Donzella James, D-Atlanta, has split the Democratic caucus.

Dollar himself is somewhat controversial. Last year he and other leaders in his church launched and then dropped a campaign that asked followers to pony up $65 million for a top-of-the-line luxury Gulfstream G-650 jet. It's an airplane generally reserved for world leaders, the top crop of business executives and billionaires.

Dollar was invited to the House by Rep. Ronnie Mabra, D-Atlanta, who also sponsored a resolution honoring the 30th anniversary of World Changers International.

Not everyone was so honored to have Dollar at the Capitol. George Chidi, a liberal activist from DeKalb County, objects to what he says is Dollar’s refusal to detail his church’s financial dealings.

“My opposition to honoring Dollar is not rooted in distaste for his religious practices,” Chidi said. “It’s a reaction to his conduct under public scrutiny.”

Chidi also has called for James’ resolution to rename a highway for Dollar to be defeated.