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Podcast: Casey Cagle, the secret recording, and what it all means

A secret recording showed that Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle supported a bill that he described as bad “a thousand different ways” to prevent Hunter Hill, a political rival, from receiving financial support in the GOP primary race for governor. 

The AJC’s James Salzer joined Politically Georgia host Greg Bluestein to discuss the recording. In this episode, they provide context, give background and discuss the political fallout.

“It’s bizzare because it’s an admission to what anyone who’s ... in politics kind of knows happens,” Salzer said. “But you don’t usually hear someone actually spelling it out.” 

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1:20: An overview of the situation

2:50Who is Clay Tippins?

5:20: How the recording was made, released 

6:40Casey Cagle Clip No. 1: “Is it bad public policy? Between you and me, it is.”

7:06: Context, discussion of Cagle Clip No. 1, lt. gov. influence in legislature 

8:22: The relationship between Tippins and Cagle

9:40: State Sen. Lindsey Tippins and the Senate Education Committee 

10:28Cagle Clip No. 2: “I said, Lindsey, ‘I got to have it... Because this is not about policy. This is about politics.’”

10:45: Criticisms of Casey Cagle as the “favorite of the Capitol crowd.”

12:40: Cagle’s response to the recording

15:10: The political fallout of the recording, its release

21:35Casey Cagle Clip No. 3: “He ran out of money in his own campaign... But had he had $3 million behind him, against me?”

21:59: On the Walton Family Foundation and possible endorsement of Hunter Hill

24:14: Why the Cagle team attempted to shape the No. 2 spot in the GOP primary race for Secretary of State Brian Kemp

28:02: How Stacey Abrams, other democrats are using this situation 


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