Ossoff raises record haul in race for Georgia’s 6th District

Jon Ossoff on Wednesday announced record haul in the race for Georgia's 6th congressional district, a stunning figure for the previously unknown Democrat.

Ossoff's raised more than $8.3 million in advance of April 18's special election, a number 17 times greater than his nearest competitors in the multi-party election and an apparent record for a congressional candidate in a single quarter.

Tom Price’s congressional seat is vacant since he accepted a position in the Trump administration.

But, even such good news for the young Democrat brought rebuke from Republicans as Ossoff’s campaign also said 95 percent of the money came from out of state.

That revelation fueled the “not one of us” theme outside Republican groups used against the Democrat.

“He’s a far-left Washington insider whose campaign is propped up by Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and the like,” a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, which has spent millions of dollars on ads attacking Ossoff, said in a statement.

But, liberal advocacy group Better Georgia had another take. If 95 percent of Ossoff's $8.3 million was from out of state, that means 5 percent was from Georgians. And 5 percent of $8.3 million is $415,000.

That last figure is not far from the total amount raised by leading Republicans Karen Handel and Judson Hill. 


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