New Republican ad relies on Abrams’ words to make case against her

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Screenshot of ad

State Republicans are out with a new television ad that uses Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams’ own words to try to make the case that she’s too liberal on hot-button issues such as illegal immigration and gun control.

The ad also shows Abrams evoking the name of 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, arguably the nation’s best-known Democrat and lightning rod.

It hit the airwaves in Atlanta on Tuesday, seven days before the too-close-to-call election between Brian Kemp, a former legislator and Georgia's secretary of state, and Abrams, an attorney and former Democratic leader in the Georgia House. The winner will succeed Gov. Nathan Deal, who has served the maximum two terms.

The plot

The 30-second spot opens with the headline “Liberal Stacey Abrams in her own words.”

It pans to clips from public appearances, in which Abrams declares:

  • "Being undocumented in Georgia should not be a crime."
  • "People shouldn't have to go into agriculture to make a living in Georgia."
  • and "We have the right and the power to call for gun control."

Between clips, the audience sees flashes of headlines that suggest Abrams has insulted farmers, is pro-Clinton, will be for gun control and will raise taxes.

Viewers see Abrams telling a crowd: “Hillary Clinton understands that government is a profound expression of our common humanity.”

The ad closes with a clip used in a previous ad, showing Abrams telling an audience, “If we change Georgia, we change the South; if we change the South, we change America.”

The context

The ad hits on many of the topics that the Kemp campaign has used in painting Abrams as “too liberal” and “too extreme” for Georgia, which in recent years has been identified as a “red state,” or Republican stronghold.

The reaction

Abigail Collazo, the director of strategic communications for the Abrams’ campaign, issued a statement saying, “Abrams’ values are Georgia values.”

She said that’s reflected in Abrams “fighting so hard for excellent public schools, access to affordable health care, and good-paying jobs in all 159 counties.”

Collazo said: “What Georgians do not want in a governor is someone like Brian Kemp, who pointed a shotgun at a teenager, defaulted on a half a million dollar loan he personally guaranteed, and voted for legislation that could have kicked thousands of pregnant women off their health care coverage. Georgians are ready for an experienced and qualified leader who will fight for each and every one of them, and that’s why they’re voting early in record numbers for Stacey Abrams.”

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