Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner gives a thumbs up outside the Supreme Court, Wednesday, June 27, 2018 in Washington. From left are, Liberty Justice Center's Director of Litigation Jacob Huebert, plaintiff Mark Janus, Rauner, and Liberty Justice Center founder and chairman John Tillman. The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that government workers can't be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, dealing a serious financial blow to organized labor.
Photo: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
Photo: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Janus decision ‘reins in unions’ political power,’ the right says

From USA TODAY: “Unions can be great for workers. But supporting workers’ rights isn’t political, and it doesn’t make you anti-union.”

2. Supreme Court’s Janus decision is a win for government workers (and all Americans)

From Fox News: “This is how it should have always been – no one should be forced to finance an organization he or she disagrees with.”

3. Janus Decision Reins In Unions’ Political Power

From New York Times: “Public employee unions have too much influence in some states. The Supreme Court’s ruling will take them down a peg.”

SCOTUS gives ‘billionaires a megaphone,’ the left says