How to vote by mail in Georgia’s June 9 primary election

Absentee ballot packets mailed to voters include a return envelope, a ballot, instructions and a privacy sleeve. The privacy sleeve replaced the inner envelope that in previous elections enclosed absentee ballots.

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In this episode of the Politically Georgia podcast, host Greg Bluestein and AJC government reporter Mark Niesse details how to vote by mail in Georgia’s upcoming primary election on June 9.

In this episode:

  • How to vote absentee or in person
  • How we got here – voting by mail and voting in June
  • Political reactions to the process – election security or voting access
  • What potential turnout could look like, based on early numbers
  • What voting by mail now could mean for the future.
  • What's on the ballot: president, Congress and the General Assembly
  • The voter registration deadline for the June 9 primary is Monday, May 11.

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