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Georgia Senate panel approves resolutions supporting Trump, Iranian protesters

A Georgia Senate panel approved sending two messages to U.S. Congress condemning the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump and supporting protesters in Iran — with Democrats calling the moves “playing obvious politics.”

State Sen. Steve Gooch, a Dahlonega Republican, introduced Senate Resolution 538, which states that Americans deserve a Congress that is "free of distracting bias and politically driven theatrics."

“This is a simple resolution which we hope will be done in a bipartisan tone,” Gooch said during Tuesday’s Senate Rules Committee meeting. “This resolution encourages our Congress to get back to work taking care of the people’s business.”

Senate Minority Leader Steve Henson, a Stone Mountain Democrat, said he thought Gooch's resolution was a waste of time.

“It’s almost amusing to have (Gooch) talk about wasting Congress’ time when he brings forward a resolution that is obviously after the fact,” Henson said. “(Trump) has been impeached ... To condemn members of the House after the fact, I think, is a waste of our time.”

State Sen. Renee Unterman, a Buford Republican, said her proposal, Senate Resolution 554, shows support to the Iranians who are protesting the government. Unterman is running for Georgia's open 7th Congressional District seat.

“It’s been very disturbing turn on our television sets or to look in the internet and to actually see people (demonize) the ability of being able to express their opinion and the consequences of when they do express it,” she said. “This is just showing support.”

Henson said said the resolution was “playing obvious politics.” He took issue with a portion of the resolution that said U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats have “turned their backs on the Iranians yearning for freedom and democracy.”

“You could have done a resolution that honored Iranian demonstrators or gotten to the point of supporting the president’s policy without attacking a political party or individual,” Henson said. “I think it’s a bad policy and I urge the leadership of the Senate to reflect on that and try to avoid it whenever it’s not necessary.”

Both measures passed Tuesday on party line votes.