Georgia not one of 20 states targeted by hackers over election systems

State officials say Georgia is not one of 20 states that have had voter registration systems targeted in recent months by hackers.

A Homeland Security Department official told the Associated Press on Friday that it was unclear who the hackers were or what their motives might be. ABC News had reported earlier that more than 20 states were targeted. FBI Director James Comey told the House Judiciary Committee this week that his agency has detected a variety of "scanning activities" related to election systems in the United States.

Ballot security has become one of the hottest topics in this presidential election year, stoked by GOP nominee Donald Trump's claim that he needed his own poll monitors to prevent a "rigged" election in November. The FBI initially warned states in August that it was investigating incidents related to elections data systems in two states believed to be Arizona and Illinois.

Georgia officials, meanwhile, have sought to assure voters about the measures they have taken to minimize any threat.