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Democrat Abrams comes out with ad about her work with Republicans

State Democrats are out with a new ad declaring that Stacey Abrams, their nominee for governor, has the background and track record to help Georgia advance without “tearing each other down.”

The ad, titled “Faith,” began airing on Atlanta television on Wednesday and is paid for by the Democratic Party of Georgia. It’s similar to one that her GOP rival, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, started running last week.

The plot

The new 30-second spot opens with Abrams, the former Democratic leader in the state House, reminding viewers of her humble beginnings and praying with family around the dinner table. “But my family’s challenges showed me what’s possible,” she says.

The moderator then says Abrams has put aside politics and worked with the GOP to “deliver results and solve big problems.” He points out she worked with Republican Gov. Nathan Deal to preserve the lottery-funded HOPE scholarship and all-day pre-kindergarten, and to block a massive tax hike.

“Because getting results takes a leader,” the moderator says.

Abrams then says she’s running for governor because she believes “we can continue the progress we’ve made by building each other up, not tearing each other down.”

The context

It’s well-documented that Abrams was an advocate in 2011 for saving HOPE and preserving full-day pre-kindergarten. The claim about her efforts to block the tax hike comes from a Time magazine report earlier this year.

Both candidates and their respective backers have repeatedly hurled charges against each other in their television ads, with the Kemp camp’s overarching claim that Abrams is “too extremist” and Abrams’ team saying Kemp “can’t be trusted.”

Last week, a new ad for Kemp showed the candidate walking with his wife, daughters and dog. It moves in for a close-up as Kemp says: “It’s OK to disagree. Just do it on the facts and your beliefs. But you don’t have to get personal or ugly about it.”

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