Bill would close school sex loophole

Legislation to be introduced in the state House on Wednesday would close a loophole in Georgia law that weakened efforts to punish school officials that have sexual relations with students.

Rep. Joyce Chandler, R-Grayson, will introduce House Bill 32, which would make state law clear that any "employee or agent of a school" is barred from having sexual contact with a student.

Current law says it’s illegal for a “teacher, principal, assistant principal or other administrator” from having sex with a student.

The bill comes after the Georgia Supreme Court in November overturned the conviction of a Cherokee County high school wrestling coach.

Robert Leslie Morrow was convicted in February 2014 under the current law. In its unanimous decision, the court found that, because Morrow was a paraprofessional, the statute didn't apply to him. Morrow was sentenced to 240 days in detention and 10 years probation.