Stacey Abrams decries Kemp’s ban on mask mandates as showing ‘incompetency,' ‘immorality’

In the hours since Gov. Brian Kemp issued a mandate forbidding cities and counties to implement mask orders, Kemp has faced a hailstorm of criticism from state and national politicians, with some deeming him as incompetent.

Communities including Athens and Savannah issued orders requiring masks for residents after cases began to climb in recent weeks. Wednesday evening, the governor nullified those orders by issuing a mandate that no cities or counties could issue such requirements.

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The governor had previously voiced concerns that requiring masks are a “bridge too far” and that such a mandate is unenforceable. Instead, he’s urged Georgians to use face coverings.

One of his dissenters and former opponents in the race for Georgia’s governor spoke about Kemp’s decision Wednesday night. Stacey Abrams spoke about the mask mandate and Kemp’s previous COVID-19 policies on MSNBC.

With more than 3,000 deaths recorded from the virus in Georgia, the potential Democratic vice presidential candidate said the governor was fiddling “while Rome burns.”

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Comparing Kemp to President Donald Trump, Abrams said the Georgia governor was “following the lead of the incompetency and the immorality,” following his mask mandate. “He is too afraid of the consequences of leadership to actually demonstrate any.”

“He has thwarted the attempt of the mayor of Savannah, the first mayor to issue this edict recently, saying that if you’re going to come to Savannah, you’ve got to wear a mask.”

“More than 3,000 Georgians have perished, disproportionately Black and Brown Georgians, and he continues to fiddle while Rome burns,” Abrams said. “This is not a man who’s capable of leadership.”

Abrams’ scathing assessment of Kemp’s Wednesday policy change was received with much praise on Twitter.

A few disregarded her critique of Kemp and further disputed some of the commentary that she would’ve been a better governor in the time of a pandemic.