Speeding motorcyclist goes airborne, setting off fiery chain-reaction wreck on I-75 in Clayton County

Bizarre crash sends motorcycle, trailer flying into opposite I-75 lanes

As interstate crashes go, they don’t get much stranger than the one that shut down I-75 in Clayton County for several hours overnight.

The bizarre chain of events began around 10 p.m. Thursday, when a Clayton sheriff’s deputy clocked two northbound motorcycles at 110 mph, Channel 2 Action News reported.

A short time later, one of the motorcycles, which turned out to be stolen, hit the back of a Volkswagen in the same lane. The biker lost control of the motorcycle and went airborne, the bike flying over the median wall and into the windshield of a southbound tractor-trailer.

The truck driver lost control of the big rig, and the trailer became disconnected from the tractor, according to Channel 2.

The trailer then crashed through the median wall into the northbound lanes and struck a northbound sport utility vehicle.

“It takes a tremendous amount of force to rupture one of these concrete barriers,” Clayton County police Sgt. Ken Waits told Channel 2.

The rig’s tractor, which remained in the southbound lanes, caught fire, and the deputy who had originally clocked the motorcycles pulled the trucker from the burning cab.

“He came up and was able to rescue the driver out of the truck,” Waits said.”The driver was not burned; the injuries he suffered were from the collision.”

Meanwhile, the crumpled wreckage of the motorcycle caught fire in the southbound lanes, and was hit by a southbound taxi that also caught fire.

Channel 2 reported that the motorcyclist who started the chain reaction was critically injured in the crash. The truck driver was also taken to a local hospital, but the drivers of the other vehicles involved were not injured.

The second motorcyclist did not stop, according to Channel 2.

All lanes of I-75 were shut down near Mt. Zion Boulevard for several hours, but had reopened before the beginning of the Friday morning commute.

“It’s one of the more unusual accidents that we’ve investigated,” Waits said.