War In Our Backyards: The story of 1864 Atlanta

War In Our Backyards: The story of 1864 Atlanta

"I had no idea so many people were killed in my neighborhood."

That quote, uttered from a newsroom staffer as he looked at a Civil War battle map at the Atlanta History Center, was the genesis behind the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s interactive project War In Our Backyards. The project is part of the AJC's coverage of the 150th anniversary of the siege of Atlanta.

War In Our Backyards uses today's technology to help readers understand and connect to Atlanta's summer of 1864, months that changed American history forever. Our data journalism team began working on the project last winter, in partnership with the Atlanta History Center. We not only researched the people, places and dates, but also created digital tools that would allow readers to explore them in new ways.

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Coming Aug. 3 to MyAJC.com: "1864 Atlanta in 3-D" a video that shows Atlanta's siege as you've never seen it before.\