South Carolina twin sisters give birth to babies on same day

Caroline Giguere and Candice Hipp are identical twins, born minutes apart.

They grew up together in the same house, moved in across the street from each other as adults, and last week each gave birth to a child of their own on the same day.

The sisters learned that they had the same due date on May 11 but decided to be induced on May 5.

Caroline and Candice may have given labor in separate rooms, but they found a way to be there for each other through FaceTime.

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“We talked multiple times,” Caroline said to WYFF. “We got to the point of, ‘How far are you? Well, how far along are you?’”

Even nurses participated in the friendly competition.

Caroline, the older twin, gave birth to her son Edson “Gray” Giguere at 4:43 p.m. before Candice’s daughter Louise was born at 5:18 p.m.

And in true twinning spirit, even the same doctor, Dr. Mary Beck of Prisma Health Piedmont, delivered both babies.