Sounding off for Monday

The gun control bill in congress is not designed to do anything except make congress feel better and win votes.

If they would start teaching instead of only teaching to the test then there would be no need for 'No child left behind'. Get back to the basics and then add all the technical stuff.

I never receive mail on Saturday that could not wait until Monday. The post office could save billions if they stop delivery of all those advertisements, it's worse than those telemarketers.

Congress repeals part of their ethics bill and I thought Georgia's legislators were the crooks!

The keys to the new world economy are skills and education.

Atlanta used to have such promise, it was Hot-lanta. Now it is so mediocre that the Zombies have taken root. Guess that makes us Rot-lanta.

There is not a more pretentious, self-glorifying, ridiculously overhyped sporting event that is so boring to watch than the Masters Tournament.

So, you have not heard a single person voice opposition to stopping Saturday mail, probably because you only hear the complainers. I still write birthday cards, send notes and sometimes pay bills. It is more private than the internet. I would miss it.

Separated at birth, Anthony Weiner and Paul Ryan.

Ok, let's support the 2nd Amendment. Everybody go out and get a musket for their well-regulated militia.

The definition of "wholesome" disappeared long ago.