Someone has been spiking the sweet tea at Jimmy John’s

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Bizarre tea spikings began Halloween night | One couple was sickened

Sweet tea is the favorite beverage for millions of Georgians and Southerners. But on Halloween night in Augusta, Georgia, someone tried to spike the sweet tea at a local Jimmy John’s.

Store employees called police on two occasions to report some mysterious pills at the bottom of a tea container, according to the Macon Telegraph.

A middle-aged couple first alerted store employees earlier in the evening, when they said something in the tea made them sick. Later that evening, an employee sampled the beverage, and it tasted off. The worker thought they were ecstasy pills, according to the police report.

The store manager then called police, telling them “there was a suspicious substance found in the sweet tea pitcher.”

Then, on Nov. 4, police were called back to the same restaurant. The store owner told police he found two small pills in the bottom of the tea container. The beverage had been made earlier that day.

A responding officer wrote, “I observed two circular peach-colored objects in the tea container that is consistent with pills. I put on protective gloves and attempted to retrieve the items but they both broke apart as soon as I touched them.”

Police collected a sample of the tea from the restaurant.

“The safety of our products and our customers is our top priority,” said Mike Hutko, the restaurant’s local franchisee. “As soon as we learned of the incident in the Augusta store, we notified local authorities and are fully cooperating with their investigation.”

Police told McClatchy news group the incidents are still under investigation.

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