Scam artists posing as carbon monoxide inspectors in Lilburn

The city of Lilburn is not sending anyone around the area to do in-home carbon monoxide checks — and if anyone says otherwise, they’re blowing hot air.

The Lilburn Police Department issued a news release Thursday warning residents that scammers had been reported “posing as persons authorized by the city of Lilburn to conduct in-home carbon monoxide checks.” Once inside homes, the scammers reportedly charge money for a service they don’t actually perform.

“The city of Lilburn has authorized no one to inspect any residence for carbon monoxide or for anything else, nor is any city employee conducting this or any other inspection,” officials said. “Anyone who does work for the city of Lilburn has an official ID card with their name and photograph on it, drives a city of Lilburn vehicle, and does not ask to enter a private residence.”

Anyone approached by the scammers is advised to ask them to leave and immediately call 911.

“Without placing yourself in danger,” the news release said, “try to get a good description of the person(s) who came to your home and any vehicle that they may be using.”

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