Russell Crowe movie crew donates set, clothes to Pittsburg nonprofit

Items donated used in film production

After wrapping up production of "Fathers and Daughters" starring Russell Crowe, the movie donated the entire set and clothing used during filming to the nonprofit Free Store in Braddock an eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.

The Free Store is a nonprofit that gives people items for whatever they are able to pay.

The store is planning a big community event Tuesday afternoon and said they can’t wait to see the difference this large donation will make in their community.

“As the first box gets emptied, we’ll slide another box forward to keep the traffic flowing,” volunteer Shiane Prunty said.

The store said they received a donation of about 400 boxes of kids' clothes. They also received furniture.

“These were all items that were used somehow in the production,” said Gisele Fetterman. “I think it will be fun if you take a couch or chair home to then watch the film and see your furniture on screen. Maybe Russell Crowe sat on it or something.”

Fetterman, the wife of Braddock’s mayor, started the Free Store almost two years ago to help people in her community.

“If you believe in people and you treat them well, it’s a system that works. We see it work every day at the store,” Fetterman said.

Gordon Loesch reported this is the fifth time a movie production company has made a donation to the Free Store, but it’s the first time they’ve donated a set and furniture. Normally, that stuff is destroyed.

“I think they found another way now to take these items and do something great with them,” Fetterman said.