Race marker causes stir in Midtown Atlanta

Unlike the flower power that fueled passive resistance and laid back counter culture peace movement lifestyles in the 1960s, in our post 9/11 world, flour power engendered a whole different response Monday afternoon in midtown Atlanta.

Around midafternoon on Monday, a report of a white substance sprinkled liberally near the intersection of 15th and Peachtree streets called out the troops from both the Atlanta police and fire departments.

A part of 15th Street was closed and officials were considering closing Peachtree Street near the intersection, according to fire department spokeswoman Janet Ward.

Fortunately it was soon discovered the suspicious substance was merely white flour, used to mark a race course, Ward said.

Some races, such as those known as “hash races” use flour to mark the course of a lead runner with a head start so followers can try to catch him or her.

Officials were not amused.

In noting the reopening of the street and the cause, ward noted “it would be helpful if you let people know that if they are going to do something similar in the future, it would be nice if they let the fire and police departments know ahead of time. Thanks.”