Prince Harry's voicemail hacked by journalists

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New details came to light in a London courthouse Friday, accusing a now-defunct tabloid news organization of hacking into Prince Harry’s phone — revealing the prince might have cheated at his military academy.

News of the World editors and one other journalist have been accused of running a wide-ranging phone-hacking operation to get information on the royal family, celebrities and Cabinet members over a ten-year period. More than a dozen well-known figures have been named as potential victims. (Via BBC)

After the scandal broke two years ago, former journalists with the paper were suspected of breaking the law in an effort to run gossip about the royal family. (Via Daily Mirror)

"In court prosecutors read a 2006 email from the News of the World royal editor in which he was trying to persuade his boss to continue paying a private investigator for royal gossip." (Via NBC)

Now, the most recent reports alledge News International journalists hacked into royal palace insiders’ phones and listened to voicemail messages — including Prince Harry’s.

The jury was read a transcript of a voicemail message in which the prince pleaded with his private secretary to help him with an essay he had to write for his Army officer training — something not taken lightly at the Royal Military Academy. (Via The Telegraph)

In the message, the royal heir allegedly asking the aide if he "had any information at all" about the 1980 siege, "because I need to write an essay quite quickly on that, but I need some extra info. Please, please email it to me or text me." (Via The Guardian)

The defense team has constantly denied any charges brought against them in the alleged hacking scandal. The trial is expected to last six months.

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