Police: Two men break into Roswell home, hold resident at gunpoint


Roswell police are searching for two men accused of breaking into a home and holding one of the residents at gunpoint.

Luis Carlos Rodriguez Morales told police he went downstairs after he heard glass break around 4 a.m. on Aug. 25. He found one man, who was about 30 years old, going through drawers in the kitchen, and another man, about 26 years old, trying to remove a TV off the living room wall, according to a police report. But the lights were off, so Morales told officers he could not get a good look at either suspect.

Morales told investigators that the younger man pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.

Channel 2 Action News interviewed Morales about the incident, and he said his wife came downstairs with their 9-month-old son and shouted so loud that both men ran out. No one was injured, according to police.

Officers on the scene found papers scattered across the kitchen floor, a shattered back sliding glassdoor, and a rock on the floor inside the house, according to the report. Authorities investigated the area and saw that a water retention feature in the backyard was missing a rock. They believe the suspects took that rock to break into the house, the report indicates.

Nothing appeared to be taken from the home, according to police.