Police: Mom of toddler found behind gas station may be charged

RAW VIDEO: Child found wandering near gas station

A woman whose toddler son was found wandering behind a College Park gas station Thursday morning may face charges in the incident, police said.

College Park police are still investigating, but have not placed Destiny Walker under arrest, Sgt. Major Jeff Hightower said. Details on why the child was left alone are still not available yet.

“We are not arresting her tonight and she will be allowed to go home,” he said. “There may be more questions tomorrow, and charges could come later.”

The child, who is in the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services, was found by a homeless man, police said. The man flagged down a teenage driver who called police and then the young driver took the boy to a nearby Waffle House to eat until police arrived.

Police said the boy was seen on a camera that monitors Old National Highway and at one point he was walking in the company of a man. They believe the boy was left behind the gas station around 5:30 a.m. and discovered around 6 a.m.