Pizzeria offers up a slice of python pie

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Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers offers up a pie that includes a scrumptious topping of fresh python.

The restaurant's "Everglades" pizza contains just about every living creature you'd find in the Sunshine State's swamps; frog, alligator, swamp cabbage and python.

Owner Evan Daniell tells the New York Daily News the unusual concoction has been surprisingly popular, "We're selling them left and right. It's a happy accident; it's about being creative."

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Daniell estimates he has sold about 150 of the pizzas the last two years.

That's not too bad considering the price, a medium 14-inch Everglades pie goes for $45.

That's because python meat can cost about $66 per pound.

Daniell reportedly has considered creating a "roadkill" pizza, which would include raccoon, armadillo and possum but has had trouble finding a supplier for the specialty meats.