3 pet goats, chicken killed in yard of southeast Atlanta home

Atlanta police are trying to determine who – or what – killed several farm animals in the back yard of a house in southeast Atlanta earlier this week.

The homeowner, Matthew Fredenburg, called police Wednesday morning after finding three pet goats and a chicken dead in the yard of his Tupelo Street home.

The yard is surrounded by a six-foot wooden fence, and police found no signs of forced entry into or damage to the fence, according to a police incident report obtained Thursday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Mr. Fredenburg stated that all his animals were found with blood all over their body and also have some visible open wound holes and scratches near their necks,” the report stated.

The reporting officer said that he “was not able to determine due to the amount of blood over the animals if they were shot or if the wounds were inflicted with a knife or a sharp object.”

The homeowner told police that he has never had any complaints from neighbors about his animals.