People who’ve had COVID-19 may only need one dose of vaccine, study says

People Who’ve Had COVID-19 May Only Need One Dose of Vaccine, Study Says.The study, conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, was published in MedRxiv.The antibodies of 109 people who were vaccinated toward the end of 2020 were examined.Most people who hadn't contracted the virus showed a low immune response within nine to 12 days of being innoculated.But those who received the vaccine after recovering from COVID-19 showed a rapid immune response.Their antibody levels were at least 10 times higher than those who had never been infected.Those who had recovered from coronavirus and received one vaccine dose also had higher average antibody levels than people who received both doses without prior infection.The results have not yet been peer-reviewed.Ongoing follow-up studies will show whether these early differences in immune responses are maintained over time, Study researchers, via report