'Peachtree' doesn't even make top 10 of Georgia's popular street names



"Dogwood," not "Peachtree," is the most used street name in Georgia, according to a new data analysis by the Washington Post. Indeed, Peachtree doesn't even crack the top 10, despite its large representation in metro Atlanta street names (and in jokes about repetition in metro Atlanta street names).

The Post's analysis follows  a similiarly exhaustive survey done by the U.S. Census in 1993.

"Road names are pieces of history," the Post's Jeff Guo wrote. "They encode the culture and geography of America. In Arizona, popular street names are Apache, Palo Verde, Mesquite. In New Mexico, Cedar and Pinon top the list; In Colorado, it's Aspen and Spruce."

Guo also includes a detailed explanation of his methodology, which essentially began with a county by county review of every road. Guo wrote that his process was somewhat different from how the Census surveyed the nation's roads 20 years ago.

The country's most popular street name, he wrote, with a total of 9,640 uses? "Park" — a usurper over "2nd," long thought to be the most popular.

And Dogwood isn't just popular in Georgia: It's also the most popular name in Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Here is Georgia's top 10:

  1. Dogwood, 408
  2. Oak, 401
  3. Pine, 401
  4. Park, 344
  5. Williams, 278
  6. Magnolia, 276
  7. Lake, 266
  8. Lakeview, 259
  9. Church, 255
  10. Cedar, 252

And remember: Data patterns suggest there is a correlation between your street name and your home value.

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