Readers Write 02/04

Gwinnett showed compassion to family

I recently lost my son, age 43, to kidney failure. During his illness, I had to call the Gwinnett County police and fire departments for assistance in transporting him to the hospital many times.

I want to take a moment to thank these departments for their kindness and understanding when transporting him. They reflected a heartfelt compassion that was shown as they tenderly took care of him.

I am extremely proud of our local police and fire departments, and grateful to live in the great city of Lawrenceville.

Iraida Grau, Lawrenceville


Democrats must act on their own, without GOP

If we do not have some kind of “public option,” that leaves all of us at the mercy of big “price-fixing” insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

I supported President Obama, and campaigned for and donated several times to his campaign — specifically for comprehensive health care reform.

I believe the Democrats need to stop wasting time to get the Republicans to cooperate.

To the Democrats: Do something meaningful! To the Republicans: the people will be reminded of your lack of common decency when election time comes around again.

Norma Cloe, Atlanta


Big business handed far too much power

In the name of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has given corporate America an overwhelming advantage to future government access. With the court’s blessing, those with money will be able to purchase future elections. This action only reaffirms the skeptic’s view that we indeed are witnessing democracy evaporate here in our country.

Yes, freedom of speech is a cherished right, handed down by our forefathers. I am blessed to be able to write these words without fear of incrimination. But, by the same token, I do not have the freedom or right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

Big business will now be able to flood the airways with misrepresentations, innuendos and lies to voice their biased views; get their agenda passed, or their candidates elected.

M. McDonald, Kennesaw


Develop gulch as historic attraction

With talk circulating about the area known as “the gulch” near downtown Atlanta being redeveloped as a multimodal transportation hub, I would like to suggest that it be rebuilt in a way which celebrates it as the historical site of the city of Terminus.

Atlanta’s downtown skyline is graced with many beautiful skyscrapers which give the city appeal. It would be interesting to contrast this modernity with a “gulch” redeveloped as a replica of how Terminus looked in the 19th century.

“The gulch,” as the center of this activity, could be an interesting destination for people from across the world to see how modern Atlanta mixes the old with the new.

Chris Lance, Atlanta

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