Readers Write


Not just lenders' fault

Re: "Subprimes pave road to neighborhood ruin" (News, May 31): There will always be people hawking some products or services to consumers, and it is up to consumers to decide for themselves what is in their best interests. To put the blame entirely on the shoulders of the lenders seems too easy and paternalistic. Your analysis suggests that race is a primary factor is determining who gets subprime mortgages, and that even higher-income blacks were more likely to get high interest loans than white applicants. I would like to see an analysis of a comparison of credit worthiness (e.g. credit scores). Higher income does not necessarily translate into better credit scores. I believe this might be more persuasive as any bias inherent in the mortgage industry.

Steve Miller, Decatur


Both parties have failed

Given the terrible condition of the economy, you would think that there was plenty of blame to go around for the current state of affairs. If you take a step back, the Democrats won the election based on the slogan "change" and what happened? They won congressional elections with very little change, and economic deterioration has occurred ever since in the housing market, Wall Street and other industries as well. So, who is to blame? President Obama won the election last year based on change, and we have now seen increased spending and a huge deficit. The Republicans are short on leadership, too. They have been quiet. We ask, who will be vocal on providing the necessary policies to advance liberty, reform the tax code and cut spending? We need to get back to the core beliefs that promote growth, and right now neither party represents that. Where will the leadership be? The candidates have won elections with bad policies and the result is anemic economic and job growth.

George E. Barthel, Jr., Peachtree City

Limbaugh fans gullible

I laughed as I read Mary Grabar's column, "We need insights, wit from Limbaugh" (Opinion, June 2). Apparently, Grabar is gullible enough to mistake the wild claims of right-wing talk radio for facts. Rush Limbaugh, by his own admission, is an entertainer, not a scholar. He is not bound by any journalistic integrity, and is not required even to feign impartiality. His job is simply to attract listeners, which he does very well by inciting outrage among the uninformed. It's no wonder the GOP is in trouble, as apparently, even the "intellectuals" in the party get their information from entertainers.

Kathleen Chapman, Marietta


Steer away

Two words for anyone who believes a federal government is capable of successfully operating an automobile manufacturing corporation: British Leyland.

John Mayfield, Atlanta