Readers Write 7/15


City needs to clean up areas around interstates

It is of growing concern to me that neighboring cities such as Greenville, S.C., Birmingham, Montgomery, Columbus, Macon, Savannah and Charlotte all have cleaner interstate thoroughfares than Atlanta, yet many of the same problems common to all urban settings.

What do we expect to achieve as a city attempting to attract businesses and residents, when weeds, trash, car parts, tires and graffiti are the scenery we treat our guests to? It is hard to say which area is most neglected, but the stretch of I-85 South (past beloved Turner Field) is definitely an eyesore. If other cities can clean up, we can, too.

Ken McKinney, Atlanta


Cartoonist’s works don’t match his words

Please, will someone tell Mike Luckovich that Barack Obama is president — and that Sarah Palin, LeBron James and most of the other cartoons he’s been doing are hardly relevant? I’m guessing that after over eight years of bashing Bush and anything conservative, he just can’t bring himself to point out any flaws in Obama. He once said he was “middle of the road.” Well, Mike, how about proving it?

Gary Senesac, Cumming


War in Afghanistan is worth the price we pay

Regarding “A better, less costly way to fight Afghan terrorists” (“Readers write,” Opinion, July 12): keeping us involved in the Afghanistan war is the only thing that the Obama administration is doing that makes sense. The price we are paying is worth it, considering we have not had an attack on American soil since we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

This money is also going toward employing tens of thousands of Army National Guard and Army Reserve members. What would happen to our economy if we suddenly brought these soldiers home to America?

Let’s not forget the events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001, and the reason this war is still absolutely necessary to fight. Please don’t discredit the heroic people who protect our country every day.

Allison Duffy, Acworth


Where will you be when the lights go out?

Regarding “We must ‘cap’ global warming emissions” (“Readers write,” Opinion, July 13): I believe I understand this writer’s motive for her plea. I am concerned that she is ignoring many facts.

There is already a wealth of misguided legislation for alternative sources of energy (wind, sun and ethanol, to name a few) that have caused billions to be spent without achieving the hoped-for viability. Engineering and research have not yet found ways to make these sources sufficiently efficient and attractive to citizens without subsidies and mandates.

I dread a time when fossil fuels and nuclear energy are no longer available in sufficient quantities to provide power during the long nights, and in times and places where sun and wind are not available in sufficient quantities. Picture yourself in downtown Atlanta after a ballgame, when the traditional system of power fails. It is a long walk home without MARTA.

Bill Lyons, Smyrna