Readers Write 8/20


Without education, economic burden grows

Regarding “Educating illegal immigrants costly” (Opinion, Aug. 18): I am not going to refute the author’s costs to educate immigrants, as those dollar figures may or may not be correct. What I do know, as an economist, is that his analysis is short-sighted.

Without education, these young people will almost certainly become an even more expensive burden on our society as they grow into adulthood — in our prisons and jails; exploited by unscrupulous employers, and in having children needing state support.

I gladly pay school taxes for any child (legal or illegal), because when I go to the bank, the physician’s office or shopping, I prefer interacting with young people who can read, write and think.

Margaret Coleman, Atlanta


Opposition should take a lesson from Mandela

I hadn’t thought much about the controversy regarding the proposed building of a mosque around ground zero, until I watched the movie “Invictus.” I was later discussing the film with a good friend, and she put it all in perspective when she said, “Those who are fighting the building of the mosque should take a lesson from Nelson Mandela.” How right she is.

L.R. Plagman, Alpharetta


Mosque would affirm First Amendment rights

Anger about a proposed mosque and community center near the former site of the World Trade Center towers is misdirected. The extremists who committed the Sept. 11 attacks abhor religious freedom. They would gladly replace tolerance with theocratic rule. Allowing the mosque to be built will deny terrorists a victory. Imagine what a bold statement this would be: affirming that our First Amendment freedoms are not empty words, but a foundation of our pluralistic society. The proposed mosque would not be an affront to the dead, but rather a living reminder of our nation’s highest principles — just as important a monument to our liberty as the one that stands in New York’s harbor.

Howard Rees, Atlanta


Explore why Democrats should embrace Obama

All the media outlets are covering how President Barack Obama is not meeting everyone’s expectations, and is losing independents in the process. How about a story covering what he has accomplished (for good and bad), and why Democratic politicians should continue to embrace him?

Brian Grieb, Newnan


Blagojevich trial shows system needs overhaul

It is pathetic that despite strong evidence, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted only of lying. It is yet another proof that our judicial process of trial by jury is faulty. Those common people do not have legal knowledge or expertise — all they have is common sense. But sometimes, one needs more than common sense. We should get rid of the process of selecting common people as jurors. Instead, we should select either retired judges or retired lawyers as jurors.

Girish Modi, Decatur