Readers Write

Campuses won’t turn into ‘wild west’

The writer of “Guns on campus a terrible idea” on March 1 is the one who should “think about it” before making generalized, sexist and demeaning remarks regarding campus carry. Before claiming legislators only care about male voters who have “private-part insecurities” he should know women are the fastest growing segment of gun owners. He should also learn that you have to be 21 years old to get a carry permit, eliminating most of the community college students he taught and half of all college students. The writer should also ask himself why he thinks a person who is lawfully licensed to carry weapons almost everywhere else is going to turn into a “testosterone laden hot head” just because they stepped onto a college campus. Readers like the writer make the same tired “wild west” claims every time concealed carry is expanded but there is no evidence to support those fears.


Bill could put guns in more criminals’ hands

Governor Deal says that the argument against allowing guns on campus “lacks validity.” But the bill in question would still prohibit guns in dorms and fraternity/sorority houses, where the vast majority of students live. Since they are not allowed to bring their guns into their campus homes, they will necessarily have to leave them somewhere, presumably in their cars.

Does Governor Deal realize how much more often car break-ins happen on campus than assaults on students in classrooms or walking on campus? And since student parking is rarely convenient to a student’s dorm, if a student is walking on campus, what are the odds that he has just parked his car and left his gun behind as he walks across campus to his dorm? None of this makes any sense at all.

And when car break-ins on campus have the potential to provide criminals with weapons, the crime problems on campus will go up, not down.