Readers write 9/24


Comments are affront to elderly, disabled

My 92-year-old mother would probably vote for Mitt Romney, if she could — but she’s in a nursing home. I don’t think she paid any federal taxes in the last few years, nor likely will she for 2012. She receives a very small retirement benefit and that, with a Social Security benefit, had allowed her to live at home independently until recently. Because she is not eligible for Medicaid-reimbursed, long-term care, we are privately paying for her care from her (and my late father’s) assets. They were of that “Greatest Generation” which believed in saving for the future, not accumulating debt and being personally responsible.

There have been people in the past, and there always will be, who will game the system to obtain publicly funded assistance. Romney’s sweeping assertions about the electorate and personal responsibility are just too glib. They are an affront to the many elderly and disabled individuals, as well as able-bodied, hard-working, low- and middle-income Americans, who clearly are not the drain on the federal budget that he paints them to be.



Problem: Silver spoon and foot in mouth

I’ll say this for Mitt Romney: despite the silver spoon in his mouth, it is impressive that he keeps putting his foot in there with it.



Tolerance can’t be bought with U.S. aid

The anti-American riots in the Middle East were not caused by the recent movie clip that insulted Muhammad . Hatred for America already existed — and for reasons most Americans will never understand.

Almost all Americans would agree the insulting message was wrong, but riots and murders are worse. A religion cannot be defamed by movies made about it; defamation comes from hateful acts by a religion’s members.

Our government is wrong to expect Muslims to embrace our leadership and values because they want the freedoms we enjoy. It’s one thing to want freedom for yourself, but quite another to allow the same for others. That requires tolerance, and without it, democratic government is impossible. Tolerance cannot be created with bribes of U.S. aid or military force (which are the tools our government seems to prefer, regardless of the results).



A senseless reaction to a senseless action

Upon hearing the news about the recent attack on the consulate in Libya, I was deeply saddened. Once again, we all witness the senseless reaction to a senseless action.

No doubt, the film insulting Muhammad hurt the many followers of Islam around the world — but nothing can justify a violent crime like the one that occurred in Libya. This horrific incident gives the world the wrong image about all Muslims, including the majority who live peaceful lives.

It is high time that we all realized how to respect each other’s beliefs. There is not a religion in the world that teaches hatred. We need to start from our homes, by teaching our children about the importance of accepting the beliefs of others.


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