Enforcing immigration law is not anti-immigration

In coverage of a public panel discussion on the 287(g) program in Gwinnett County in which I participated, the AJC added that the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center has listed The Dustin Inman Society as an “anti-immigrant hate group.” This ridiculous smear from the far-left SPLC was laughable to immigrants who support our donation-driven effort to see American immigration laws enforced, including immigrants on our board - and my adopted sister.

The AJC didn’t note that the SPLC made this false categorization in the same time frame it began lobbying against legislation aimed at illegal immigration that we support in the Georgia Capitol. What a handy way to oppress political opposition.

The AJC also alluded to my writing against illegal immigration as “past anti-immigrant rhetoric” despite constant reminders that taking a pro-enforcement position on immigration is not “anti-immigrant”.

The AJC should do a much better job on immigration reporting.


Harsh words have impact, should be chosen wisely

Re: “Liberals need to stop wallowing in self-delusion,” (Readers Write, Aug. 4), the writer opines, “If Trump was guilty of benefiting from Russia to win the election, Mueller would have said so and would have given specifics.” I can only assume that the writer has not, as I have, read the Mueller Report. Volume I addresses Russian interference to Mr. Trump’s benefit. It is copiously documented with specifics, with 1,283 footnotes/citations. Conservative icon Sean Hannity is mentioned by name as one of those duped by Russian misinformation. Volume II lays out, again, copiously documented — 1,092 footnotes/citations —10 instances of obstruction/ possible obstruction of justice.

The writer moves on to immigration and calls for help to “stem the tide of illegal invasion and remove the parasites already here.” Describing human beings as “parasites” led to the Holocaust. Words have impact and are acted upon and should be chosen wisely.