Readers Write: Sept. 9

Big profits doesn’t lead to better service

The news that a second major airline, British Airways, has had global check-in system problems is to say the least disconcerting. The airlines have without exception, bled the traveling public — most of whom have few alternatives — by adding fees for practically everything, achieving huge profits as a result. One conclusion is the airlines have used these profits to add to their shareholder’s value, rather than upgrade their support systems’ reliability. We all fervently hope that this conclusion does not apply to aircraft reliability.


Lopez not in tune with most Georgians

We are proud to have easily organized the opposition to Dax Lopez for the state Supreme Court and the letter-writing campaign to the governor. Contrary to reports, our objections have nothing to do with Lopez’s ethnicity.

Dax Lopez spent more than a decade as a board member of the anti-enforcement immigration corporation GALEO, which is funded by big business. Lopez acted as keynote speaker at a GALEO funder after becoming a state court judge.

Lopez's declaration that he "agrees with their mission" must always be viewed with the knowledge that the Jane Fonda - supported GALEO has smeared law enforcement officers who dare to help enforce immigration laws. GALEO has marched against immigration enforcement, lobbied against e-verify laws designed to protect legal workers, against local jails honoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds for criminal aliens, and vehemently opposed voter ID. And they lobby against English as our official language.

Neither GALEO or Lopez are in the Georgia mainstream.