Parker’s not conservative, despite AJC’s ‘Right’ descriptor

I’m not sure why the AJC insists on representing Kathleen Parker (“Onward Christian soldiers, marching to Trump’s beat,” Opinion, Sept. 6) as a voice on the right. She has a right to express her opinion on perceived presidential failings as well decisions from our executive branch. But to challenge evangelical pastors, most of whom arrived at their positions in a careful and considered manner, seems an echo from the far left. Her conclusion that a well-qualified judge with obvious strong family values and a bent toward charity and service “might” erode Roe v. Wade sounds like a message from any number of media-hungry Democrats. As for “foul mouthed” or race-baiting, surely more has been seen on some of our formerly highly respected news outlets than any from the White House. Most people I know wouldn’t choose the language of our president, but we admire his effective leadership.


Republicans, like nature, must adapt to survive change

In nature, adaptation is part of determining a species' survival. As environments change, the creature that cannot adapt is often left behind and relegated to the indices of science books. Animals are not the drivers of their new circumstances, but humans do have the power to determine their survival. However, some do and some don't. In our national politics, one side of the conversation looks to the past for solutions to problems of the present. They perceive anything and anyone outside their group as the cause of difficulties in their life. Regrettably for them, our nation is steadily changing its demographics, its views of where solutions exist (science), and who the leaders will be to make us a more perfect union. The Republican Party is not adapting. The nation and the world moves along without them. Perhaps their new mascot should be the dodo bird. – MICHAEL BUCHANAN, ALPHARETTA