Readers Write: Sept. 4

Hillary not the woman we want

America has not yet found its strong woman to lead our country. Hillary Clinton is strong, but not in truth. That glaring deficiency keeps showing itself in ways, stripping away esteem. We know how strong women are as leaders as we have seen or read about Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi. They stand out in history. When we find such a strong woman in our midst, she will become president. That time has not come.


Nations have right to control immigration

I fully expect the leftist columnists of the AJC to attack presidential candidate Donald Trump’s speech about illegal immigration on Aug. 31. They are simply following the Democrat Party script. As a patriotic American, a military retiree, and a former Immigration Inspector with the old INS, I fully support what Donald said. After all, is it not the right of any nation to control immigration into their country?

Instead of attacking Trump, perhaps AJC columnists will factually, honestly, and ethically address and admit to their own prejudices instead of automatically falling subservient at the feet of political correctness and the Democrat Party?

Hey, AJC leftists, just why do you oppose American efforts to control and influence the flow of immigration to our country? Isn’t it the right of any nation to control the immigration to their country? Or is that a truth too far for the AJC?


Cause of poverty is not welfare

In the AJC on Aug. 25, I was amazed at the naivete of the political cartoonist featured on From the Right. He was suggesting that the cause of poverty is welfare; welfare is nothing more than a safety net for those who find themselves struggling.

The number one reason for poverty is Congress, whose members are paid $174,000 annually, yet refuse to entertain the notion that if the minimum wage isn’t raised from $7.25 to over $12.25 an hour, all workers in this wage bracket — working full time, and supporting a family of four — is in poverty. That is an inescapable fact. Congress is the cause of poverty in America in 2016.


Clinton verified over and over again

Hillary Clinton has been the most scrutinized, verified and checked candidate ever to run for president. Her term in the Senate and her service as Secretary of State have opened the doors to intense inquiry and investigation which have shown that she is human, and made some mistakes just like the rest of us. The Republicans have blown these completely out of proportion, and have used their Goebbels-like propaganda machine to damage her reputation. They have been assisted in this by hackers, probably Russian state-sponsored, who have delighted in embarrassing the Democrat candidate. I wonder what these same hackers would find if they looked through the emails and financial business dealings of her opponent, Donald Trump. Perhaps they already have and maybe that’s why the Donald is so cozy with Putin and his hacking team.


Confederate flag should be in museums

The Confederate flag is surely a part of Southern history, but it should not be displayed in national cemeteries.

As an important symbol, it sends an ambiguous message. For some, it proclaims the virtue of sacrifice in battle. For others, it proclaims the vice of human bondage. National cemeteries should display the Stars and Stripes.

As an artifact of Southern history, the Stars and Bars should be preserved in museums.