Readers write: Oct. 30

Parents in denial about troubled kids

This episode about a student being forcefully removed from a classroom in South Carolina (“Deputy fired after teen gets tossed across floor,” News, Oct. 29) is tragic for all the wrong reasons. Schools are for learning. If you have not instilled the importance of an education in your children, shame on you. If your child is disruptive and prevents the rest of the class from learning, that child should be removed and taken home by the parent. Why do you think schools have police officers on campus in the first place? It’s because irresponsible parents have not prepared their children for school and/or life. Children can be loud and disruptive, even violent. What will the schools have to do next? Call in storm troopers?


Leaders must look at income inequality

While the world’s largest economy continues to expand, the benefits of this growth are not being shared equally. The rich are getting richer, but many are being left behind. Some decry the situation as being unfair, but it is worse than that. Inequality of wealth is a threat to the U.S. economy. If a handful of people control vast amounts of money, they are more likely to invest these funds than spend them, a trend that could help fuel asset bubbles. In addition, concentrating wealth in the hands of the few leaves everyday Americans with less money to spend, which holds back economic growth and job creation. A higher minimum wage, more progressive taxation and corporate profit-sharing plans have all been proposed as potential solutions. Now, it is up to our nation’s policymakers to determine how best to address the situation.


Cartoon wrongly disparages NRA

It was very disturbing to me, an NRA member, to see the Mike Luckovich cartoon of Oct. 26 in my local paper, the Toledo Blade. The depiction of a Darth Vader with an NRA logo on his outfit, wielding a sword of gun violence, is flat-out wrong. Members and officers of the NRA grieve for the families, and the rest of the nation, over senseless gun violence that takes the lives of innocent people. For Mr. Luckovich to imply that the NRA supports gun violence is just not right. The NRA is the only organization that promotes safety and training for anyone that wants it. Seminars for police, regular folks and children have been recognized around the nation for teaching gun safety. Mr. Luckovich should at least become familiar with someone before he paints them in a disparaging light.