Throwback page shows off Old South’s proud moments

I guess few people read the small print of the AJC page observing the past as reported in the old Atlanta Constitution, but the “Throwback Thursday” page of Nov. 1, reprinting the April 10, 1928 article on the opening ceremony of the unveiling of the Stone Mountain Memorial, was insightful. This article reported a respectful gathering of thousands of people, military and civilian, from over 35 states and with dignitaries from all over, including the mayor of New York City, Northern politicians and even an envoy of France. Might I add that the mayor of New York said the South “gave up the fight too soon,” alluding to the fact that the struggle was about the rights of states. And what do we have now? A bigoted, Democratic, would-be governor who has promised to destroy this same memorial that was honored by many people so much more intelligent than she.


Trump shouldn’t be surprised at what words wrought

After the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, President Trump said he was surprised this could take place “these days after all that’s happened.” It is difficult to understand his surprise, given his statements about the “good people on both sides” of the white-supremacist anti-Semitic rally in Charlottesville, Va. And why should he be so surprised at the pipe bombs mailed to leading Democrats, or the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, when he repeatedly states that Democrats and members of the press are “horrible people”? Not to mention his praise for the GOP political candidate in Montana for body-slamming a reporter. If Trump wants to understand more about what contributes to these hateful actions, perhaps he should review his own statements over the past two years and at his own political rallies.