Liberal media’s Luckovich misreads veterans

Does “From the Left” cartoonist Mike Luckovich not see the irony in his Nov. 1 cartoon depicting three elderly World War II veterans? Or was someone else impersonating him that day? The cartoon’s first scene shows three veterans with the caption, “Fought to Save America in World War II.” The second scene shows them currently standing in line to enter a voting booth with the caption, “Still Fighting.” I suspect the cartoon’s aim is to depict the veterans’ continuing patriotism. But the irony of this being in a “From the Left” cartoon is how out of touch Luckovich is if he thinks those who fought for our country in World War II would be voting today in support of the progressive ideas and the Democratic/socialist political candidates Luckovich supports.


Media doesn’t sugar-coat news Left or Right

President Trump has been denouncing the “biased liberal media” for blaming conservatives for the massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue. What I hear is that the blame lies with religious hatred and anti-Semitism. At no point have I heard the massacre blamed on conservative values. The assumption is that religious hatred and anti-Semitism are both components of conservatism, a patent absurdity as the bulk of conservatives wrap themselves around Christianity. This is the political and intellectual high horse to which conservatives and President Trump have staked their claim. They can offer no incorruptible proof to their complaints about bias and that the Left is the criminal element other than, “Take our word for it.” The media is simply telling what has happened and what is going on. Just because they don’t sugar-coat conservative misdeeds or unilaterally vilify liberal ones doesn’t make them “liberally biased.” Conspiracy theory does not equate to truth.