Investment in SunTrust Park well worth it

When we secured the naming rights for SunTrust Park, we entered into a 25-year relationship with the Atlanta Braves and joined our brand to a baseball franchise that shares our values for community service and executional excellence.

SunTrust Park and The Battery are unprecedented in scope, speed and service. As we approach the home opener of year two, I’m pleased to report our partnership has exceeded our expectations. We have built national brand recognition through the sponsorship, and we conducted a number of programs with the Braves aligned to our company’s purpose of building financial confidence.

On Thursday, members of the SunTrust veterans’ network will march the American flag onto the field for the national anthem. This will be a great source of pride for me and all our SunTrust teammates. SunTrust and the Braves will be partners in making incredible memories for families for years to come. Go Braves!


Idea for voting change would skewer liberal Dems

Regarding Ross Douthat’s column, “Voting power to the parents could solve some problems,” Douthat once favored allowing 16-year-olds to vote; now he favors so-called Demeny voting: allowing parents to cast votes on behalf of their minor children. Both these voting approaches are improbable and unwise, prone to increase votes from those most likely to seek more government benefits. Witness the beliefs and activities common among many high school and college students; perhaps the voting age should be moved from 18 to at least 25, if not 30 – and exclude anyone still living with their parents. One thing Demeny voting would change: Democratic politicians would become torn about being pro-abortion, vacillating between abortion support and the desire for their natural female constituents to produce more immediate votes for the party.