Wasn’t Super Bowl going to make city flush with cash?

Bill Torpy recently pointed out a huge cash shortage for the infrastructure needs of Atlanta – evidently, hundreds of millions of dollars (“Cash shortfalls creates some tough decisions,” Metro, March 3). But didn’t the recent Super Bowl produce hundreds of millions in new revenue for the city? The politicians who sold you that scenario and their economic “experts” tell you it did. Where is that newly minted Super Bowl pot of gold? Is it already missing? Or were all those lofty estimates just a way of telling the masses what they needed to hear to sell this huge, expensive giveaway?


Liberal bias taints gun-violence story

I read your article about how a Dunwoody college senior tragically lost her life to more senseless gun violence (“Fatal shooting spurs Dunwoody family to act,” Metro, March 3). Not surprisingly, I didn’t have to wait very long for your liberal bias to infect your article. You mention how “the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, galvanized gun control advocates and younger adults toward tackling the problem … but efforts to pass legislation have largely been blocked in a hyperpartisan Washington and in many Republican-leaning state legislatures.” The implication is that only Republicans are against this type of legislation. Barely a month after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced a bill to ban assault weapons. Though Democrats then controlled the Senate 53-45, the vote failed 60-40, with 15 Democrats – a stunning 28 percent – voting against the measure. So, remind me again how only Republicans oppose gun control measures.


State’s reasoning suspect on Hartsfield-Jackson takeover

The reasons submitted for a takeover of the Atlanta airport by the state of Georgia are not convincing to anyone. The airport is the largest airport in the world, and it is recognized as well-run. Eventually, corruption of some sort raises its head in large public operations. Unfortunately, that’s the norm. When it happens, the thing to do is to enforce the law and prosecute the perpetrators. We are taking those required steps and will vanquish those found guilty. No one can say with a straight face that because a very few persons connected to the airport have been indicted for corruption, the airport should be turned over to the state of Georgia. If that dark day comes and corruption breaks out in the state-run airport (eventually it will), do we then turn the airport over to the federal government? The people are not blind to this takeover ruse.


Methodist church correct in its LGBT ruling

The United Methodist Church is to be commended for upholding Biblical teaching that homosexuality is a sin, and that therefore homosexuals should not be in leadership positions in the church. Also, God ordained marriage between a man and a woman, and specifically states relationships between a man and a man, and a woman and a woman, are forbidden. Today, many pastors, churches and so-called Christians have departed from belief in the Bible and believe what pleases them, ignoring the truth. Jesus loved everyone, including sinners. Paul said, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Though the sin is not condoned, all sinners should be welcome in the church to hear the word of God. Praise God for the remnant who still believes in the Bible, the word of God.


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