‘We the people’ see through liberal media elites

Ninety percent of news coverage is negative toward President Donald Trump. Dinesh D’Souza made a truthful negative movie about Barack Obama, and he was put in jail. During Obama’s reign, conservatives were targeted, which the national news media chose to ignore. News media elites have ignored Trump’s successes, but seem perfectly willing to report an ongoing investigation (yet to be proven in over a year) into Trump’s so-called Russian collusion. Major news outlets are no longer reporters of the news; they’ve become left-wing advocates for what they believe America should be. Fortunately, “we the people” don’t believe in that vision of America and are willing to present the reasons why. Unfortunately, liberals are not willing to communicate to the American people the reasons why anyone should vote for a Democrat.


Conservative pundit misunderstands Nazi history

Regarding “Capitalism holds moral superiority over socialism” (Opinion, May 30), Walter Williams displays a remarkable misunderstanding of history. He writes that “Germany under the National Socialist German Workers Party” represented, along with the U.S.S.R. and the People’s Republic of China, the “brutality of socialism.” Mr. Williams implies that because the Nazis included “Socialist” in their infamous name, the government was similar in economic outlook to Communist Russia and China. This is untrue. When in 1919 the German Workers Party became the National Socialist German Workers Party, it did so to broaden its base and attract more working-class adherents. In Nazi parlance, “National Socialism” referred to a community of racially pure, egalitarian Germans living under an authoritarian regime. In most of the 12 years of Nazi rule, many industries remained in private hands, a stock market functioned, and capitalism, albeit in a restricted form, persisted.