Readers write: June 27

Columnist doesn’t get fans of soccer

Congratulations to the AJC for its coverage of the football (soccer) World Cup, which has been comprehensive and generally insightful. On the negative side, we are all tired of middle-aged, out-of-touch “sports pundits” who present us with patronizing drivel like Mark Bradley’s article “Understanding Futbol” (Sports, June 24). Mr Bradley should only look at the photo above his piece to understand he is swimming upstream against the new demographic of young, cool soccer supporters in this country. I am sure Bradley will change his tune and improve his soccer expertise when Mr. Blank’s Atlanta soccer team gets underway.


Immigrants’ kids still here illegally

If my parents robbed a bank of a million dollars and gave the money to me, would I be able to keep the million dollars since I had done no wrong? No, I wouldn’t. So, why should the children of illegal immigrants benefit from their parents’ illegal acts? And second, why don’t they migrate to South America? Maybe they wouldn’t get all the public assistance and prolonged legal challenges. But they would have more in common culturally and speak the same language in many parts of South America. It appears to be quite the paradox.


Don’t marginalize Fulton’s libraries

Kudos to Judge Nina Radakovich for her appeal to the Fulton County Commission to reinstate full-time hours to our public libraries (“Libraries should not be cut,” Opinion, June 21). She expressed what I’ve been thinking ever since I was appalled by a “closed” sign on the library door on a recent Friday. It was so sad and frustrating to see people come up to the door only to find it closed.

What a travesty to cut the hours of a most precious public treasure of information, research and community. The library is a unique American institution to be treasured and nurtured, not skimmed. Would you rather the kids go home and play video games, or get in trouble on the streets, when they’d be better off reading ? I don’t think so. I concur: “Fulton County Commission, please reinstate our public libraries’ full-time hours immediately. All of us, especially our children and grandchildren, deserve no less.”


Liberals obsessed with team names

Mary Sanchez’ June 24 Opinion column concerning team names and mascots that are offensive (“For teams, there’s life after dropping offensive mascots”) actually offended me. Changing the Washington Redskins’ name is this week’s cause celebre for the left. I rather doubt the average citizen gets up in the morning worrying about the name of some football team. That said, it is the far more insidious nature of these constant attacks on free speech that bother me. Who decides what is offensive and what is not offensive? We are on a very slippery slope concerning our First Amendment rights.


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