Trump’s driven this independent into the Democratic camp

President Trump is destroying the United States by changing EPA policy and allowing the dumping of wastes that pollute our waters; withdrawing from the Paris Agreement; taking immigrant children from their parents and placing them in cages; reducing the Affordable Care Act so that health care is increasingly expensive; and lying to us an average of 6.5 times per day. Many evangelical Christians believe he is a great person despite his immoral acts. Jesus would keep families seeking asylum together, limit the signing of divisive executive orders, initiate tariffs that are fair, support universal health care for all and be truthful in all his utterances. Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” This election, I am switching from Independent to Democrat.


Erasing Stone Mountain’s legacy would harm history

I’ve never been much of a cheerleader for the old Confederacy. To me, it’s an unfortunate part of our history.

However, to actively destroy artifacts that are not politically correct anymore is something like ISIS would do. There’s always a historical value that could be used to teach different perspectives.

I have to ask: Would these same people in favor of destroying the Stone Mountain monument also be in favor of destroying the Great Pyramids of Giza, and other great historical monuments? After all, they were built using slave labor!

So why are there no protests to destroy the pyramids? Whatever your resources, use them as a learning tool to bring people together. Not something to further divide an already-divided community.

Who knows, much of what we believe in now might be politically incorrect in 50 years. And people will be pushing to expunge much of the history they may then find distasteful.

So, be careful what you wish for. Destroying the Stone Mountain monument will only further divide an already- fragmented society.


Irresponsible ‘conservative’ columnist wrong to blame Trump

The column by Kathleen Parker, “Trump’s attacks feed fear of violence against journalists,” Opinion, July 5, was one thing and one thing only — irresponsible commentary. It amazes me that she, as a supposed conservative, blames Trump for the shooting of journalists last week, after she admits the shooting had nothing to do with Trump or politics. What kind of logic is that? How does this bring healing and unity to our divided nation? Ms. Parker’s opinion is the king of opinion that has turned off a vast number (possibly even a majority) of citizens to the news and has fueled the mistrust of the media. It is the season that we celebrate the freedoms our nation. One fundamental of which we are assured is that individuals be responsible for himself or herself. Let’s commit to being true and responsible for our opinions.


Everyone interprets items based on their experience and knowledge. What amazes me is how the kneeling during the national anthem was interpreted. Kneeling was not a disrespect to the American flag, rather it was a call to address certain inequities in the way justice is parceled out! The kneeling was not to disrespect any aspect of the flag; rather it was to bring attention to certain aspects of our judicial system.

Instead of discussing certain problems that are confronting our country today, too many people just grabbed at the idea that kneeling by blacks meant disrespect to America. This is so far from what the kneeling really meant. And now some people don’t want to go to football games because of a misinterpretation of the kneeling during the anthem!