Readers Write: Jan. 18

Sessions will stand for all Americans

John Lewis and Corey Booker are two peas out of the same pod incapable of seeing a man ( Jeff Sessions ) for who and what he is and stands for; the two acting simply as pawns of a failed party, a party that failed at their hand. The Democratic Party has reached an all-time low. They are lost in a swamp of quicksand and don’t have the ability to extract themselves without trying to destroy an honest man who, when voted into the role of Attorney General of the United States, will stand for all people as he has during his lifetime.

God Bless Jeff Sessions and the people of America.


Throwing out ACA will be chaotic

The idea that we would “repeal and delay” the Affordable Care Act without an alternative solution in place is shortsighted and irresponsible. As a public health professional with a decade of experience in Georgia, I am familiar with many of the Affordable Care Act’s shortcomings. Yet, despite its many limitations, it has made a real difference in many people’s lives, including nearly 600,000 newly insured Georgians.

I welcome any sensible reform or replacement efforts that will increase health care access and quality and decrease costs for all Georgians, including those in rural areas and those who fall in the Medicaid gap. But I strongly reject any effort to pass a repeal of the ACA without an alternative plan in place. This delay tactic could throw the insurance marketplace into chaos and result in a situation that is much worse than what we currently have in place. As a nation, we can and should have a discussion about the future of our health care system. We should not take the irresponsible step of throwing out what we currently have without a plan for how to fix it. As a mother, I try to teach my children to solve their problems instead of avoiding them; I ask the same from my legislators.