It’s mistake to confuse climate with weather

A reader’s letter claims, “History shows climate change nothing new” (Readers Write, Feb. 19). This is correct, but it is not the whole story. From that perspective, we should be in a cooling pattern, but that is not now the case. Scientists have long been tracking climate, not just weather, and have shown incontrovertible linkage between climate and humans’ burning of fossil fuels. The charts demonstrating this are absolutely clear. We need to address this problem! There is currently a bill, HR 763, the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act, which has bipartisan support. We all should contact our representatives in support of this important legislation. Moving to renewable energy would stimulate the economy while improving our air quality and yielding a healthier future for everyone. As individuals, we can reduce our carbon footprint: We can walk, bicycle and use public transportation; we can waste less and plant a tree or two.


Philanthropy shows merits of capitalism vs. socialism

The story, "$65M donated for Emory health facility" (Metro, Feb. 19), reports the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation awarded Emory University $65 million to build a third School of Public Health Building, Ronda Stryker and husband gave $30 million to Spelman College, Kenya and Rainbow Barris donated $1 million to Clark Atlanta University, Pete Correll and his wife gave $5 million to the University of Georgia for student scholarships, the Clark Foundation gave Georgia Tech $15 million for its College of Engineering, and Greg Parker, a local businessman, contributed $5 million to Georgia Southern University. These are just some examples of the evils of our capitalist economic system that allows some citizens to achieve impressive wealth. What we really need is National Socialism, which has been so successful elsewhere, such as Venezuela. – LEO E. REICHERT JR., STONE MOUNTAIN