Pay more attention to Pelosi than high school stare-down

The Covington, Ky., students were displaying wisdom by wearing the MAGA caps, described as KKK hats by column writer Leonard Pitts (“Indelible image captures nation near breaking point,” Opinion, Jan. 27). The only reason this incident found media legs is liberals saw an opportunity to besmirch Trump. Stare-downs take place every day in the teenage world and will continue as long as we have teenagers around. Those offended by the stare-down were more than willing and able to be offended – as a matter of fact, were looking for a reason to be offended. Printer’s ink is being is being spilled for naught when it could zero in on the Nancy Pelosi effort to destroy our country.


Super Bowl strip club story glorified seamy, harmful business

With sex trafficking so rampant, why did the AJC see fit to give free advertising to Atlanta’s strip clubs in a lengthy and positive article, “Famed strip clubs expect business to boom with Super Bowl in town” (News, Feb. 1)? Not every stripper gets into the business willingly. The little back rooms behind strip clubs are no secret, enabling these clubs to also serve as fronts for prostitution. Mixing sex with alcohol does not improve the situation, nor does the fact that other cities have strip clubs make it anything we should boast about. I can remember when our major newspaper stood for what is good, whether or not it is profitable.